Wander our Wild is looking for contributors from all backgrounds (educational, cultural, geographical... you name it!). All you need is passion for the natural world and a desire to share stories. Because WoW predominately utilizes Instagram, high quality photos and videos are key. Your observations and anecdotes are essential, of course, but they can be casual and short, from 2-3 sentences to 2-3 paragraphs (a good rule of thumb is 200 words max).

"Storytelling" can sound intimidating, but we all have stories to tell and, whether you realize it or not, you tell stories all day, every day-- whether over coffee with a friend, in a work meeting, or via your very own Instagram account. WoW's creator, administrator, and editor, Millie Kerr, is a professional writer, editor, and conservationist, so she'll help shape your posts before hitting publish. All you have to do is send your high quality photos (and short videos) of landscapes, wildlife, and people enjoying and working in the natural world to Millie at wanderourwild@gmail.com. Include all photo/video credits and your Instagram handle (if you have one). Please send no more than five potential stories at once. If you have questions, visit our FAQs or contact Millie directly at wanderourwild@gmail.com.

Happy wandering!