What kind of posts is Wander our Wild after? 

Any and every short, visually driven story that spotlights nature, wild animals, people engaging with nature, and people working in conservation. Although most photos showcase nature and wildlife, you can also include pictures and videos from your travels, of patches of the wild in cities, and more. You and other people can be in photos, or they can simply feature landscapes and animals. In short, "wild” means different things to different people, and that’s a-ok. Wander our Wild is open-minded and wants to explore different perceptions of wilderness. In short, nothing is off-limits, but high quality imagery is essential. 

How do I know if my pictures are "high quality?"

Good question. Quality is subjective, and those of you who aren't amateur or professional photographers may struggle to make the assessment yourself. The best thing you can do is look at past WoW posts to get ideas and, when in doubt, ask Millie. 

What credentials do I need?

None... as long as you genuinely care about spotlighting and supporting the natural world. You will, however, need a camera (smart phones are fine!), the ability to email wanderourwild@gmail.com with photos, videos, and stories, and, ideally, you'll have an Instagram account so WoW can credit every post's rightful author. 

How do I publish a post? 

Visit Connect & Contribute to learn how to contribute, but the short answer is that you email photos and/or videos and some short stories about them to wanderourwild@gmail.com.

Besides photos/videos and accompanying text, what do I need to include in my emails to you?

Please include your name, your title (i.e. how you'd like for WoW to refer to you in the post), your Instagram handle (if you have one), where the photo was taken (precisely- if possible), when it was taken (if you can remember). 

Will you definitely publish my proposed post/s?

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee. To build momentum, Wander our Wild has to showcase high quality photos and videos, unique perspectives, and interesting stories. But don't be discouraged. One thing creator Millie Kerr knows for certain is that we all have stories and perspectives to share... we just have to find them, sometimes with a little boost from a pro. Fun fact: Millie never studied journalism, and she took her first conservation class in her mid-30s.

What happens after the post goes live?

The post will tag you, so it will appear on on your personal Instagram account (if you have one). Please consider reposting the @wanderourwild post on your own account, as this will increase growth for the account and will also spread the word to potential contributors. 

May I submit a photo or story I’ve already published on my own blog/Instagram account?

Yes, you may, but original content is preferred. If you’ve posted a photo, video, or story previously, please include a quick note in your email indicating when and where it first appeared.

What if I'm not on Instagram? Can I still contribute? 

Yes, definitely. WoW will still use your name and title when posting, but you won't be tagged on Instagram since there won't be an account to tag. 

If I’m working for an organization, can I post on the organization’s behalf?

That’s something you need to discuss with your employer. If your organization is happy for you to publish a post on its behalf, great. Similarly, you might write a post that includes both your and your org’s Instagram handle. That’s fine, as long as your employer gives the green light. 

How often will Wander our Wild publish?

After populating the account with an initial 20-30 posts, WoW plans to publish between 3-7 Instagram posts per week. The entire Instagram feed will appear on the website, but original and/or expanded web content, like Q&As with Instagram contributors, or a species-specific round-up or campaign, won't launch until WoW develops a core following.

Why are you on Instagram and not Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Snapchat, etc?

Millie is a firm believer in doing several things well versus multiple things poorly, and anyone who's run a blog and/or professional Instagram account can attest to the fact that what seems simple takes A LOT of work. Besides, Instagram is best-suited to the sort of storytelling WoW pursues. For now, the website is secondary, though it's a useful place for people to learn more about Wander our Wild, how it works, and how people like you can get involved. Eventually, Wander our Wild may expand onto other platforms. Millie is open to suggestions!

Can I submit posts in languages other than English?

Maybe. If you're able to translate your own story into English, feel free to share a version that uses your native tongue and English, but translation services are not available at this time.

Do I get paid for contributing?

You get paid in likes! Wander our Wild isn’t currently funded, so no one- not even its founder/admin/editor- is getting paid.

Is anyone sponsoring these posts?

Nope, but if you’re interested in connecting WoW with a suitable sponsor, let Millie know. 

Who created and runs Wander our Wild?

Wander our Wild is the brainchild of Millie Kerr, and she'll serve as WoW's exclusive administrator & editor (at least for now). A former lawyer, Millie quit practicing law in 2010 to pursue her core passions: storytelling, travel, and wildlife conservation. Since then, she's been jumping around the globe like a coffee-fueled kangaroo while making a name for herself as a top-notch travel writer and conservation journalist. Millie has authored chapters in two books and published creative and reported articles with a wide range of magazines, newspapers, and their digital counterparts, some of which include: The Atlantic, The Economist, The Guardian, Mongabay, National Geographic Traveler, The New York Times, Outside, Popular Science, Scientific American, Travel + Leisure, and The Wall Street Journal. Her photography sometimes accompanies her pieces, and she’s also produced and presented several short documentary videos, including a digital segment on Mexican free-tailed bats that Earth Touch News purchased and aired.  

Millie's also worked with conservation organizations on the ground in Namibia; written in-house for the Wildlife Conservation Society; and she recently completed a Master’s of Philosophy in Conservation Leadership from the University of Cambridge, where she wrote her dissertation on conservation storytelling while working with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative's Arts, Science, and Conservation Program. Part of her master's program included a social media consulting project with the British Trust for Ornithology. After graduating in October 2016, Millie moved to London to set up a boutique conservation communications & consulting practice. She's so enthusiastic about Wander our Wild, she made it project numero uno.

Learn more about Millie and her work at milliekerr.com